Our mission is to provide
quality health care for your pet
and educate you, the client,
with the latest health care
procedures and products
available.  We treat and respect
your pets as if they were our
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McMillan Veterinary Clinic

Exclusive MVC Offers - April 1-30
Heartworm Test  - ONLY $17.00
Heartworm test required every year for all dogs.
Rabies Clinic
Saturday, April 12 & April 26
8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
$10.00 per Rabies Vaccine
Cash or Check accepted at the outdoor tent.
Credit or Debit cards must come inside our building.
Rabies Clinic April 12 & 26
How can you prevent rabies in animals?

First, visit your veterinarian with your pet on a regular basis and
keep rabies vaccinations up-to-date for all cats, ferrets, and dogs.

Second, maintain control of your pets by keeping cats and
ferrets indoors and keeping dogs under direct supervision.

Third, spay or neuter your pets to help reduce the number of
unwanted pets that may not be properly cared for or vaccinated

Finally, call animal control to remove all stray animals from
your neighborhood since these animals may be unvaccinated or
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The rabies virus infects the central
nervous system, ultimately
causing disease in the brain and

Your pets and other domestic
animals can be infected when they
are bitten by rabid wild animals.
When "spillover" rabies occurs in
domestic animals, the risk to
humans is increased.